Passing the value from Lightning component to client side controller

Today I got a requirement. Which is interesting to me. I hope it will be same for you all. Requirement is need to show the list of records(eg. Account) once the user click the record need to pass the account id to the client side controller and we need to do some operation on that record. In this blog I am going to explain how we pass the value from the component to client side controller.

Below is the part of my  lightning component page where I am passing the value to client side controller.

Adding lightning components to lightning experience

Cheers everyone , Lets have a look at one of newly introduced pilot feature in winter 16 release. 

You build your awesome lightning component with the taste of Lightning design system. Now you want to expose that lightning component in a lightning record detail page in newly introduced lightning experience (According to the time you read this post).

The following changes are required in order to display your lightning component in lightning experience.

Expose your lightning components in a visualforce page

As winter 16 got into every Salesforce environment. It has brought new exciting features in lightning development and experience.

Lightning components are getting better every new release. Lets look at one of the interesting feature that winter 16 has given in the hands of developers ie., expose your lightning components in a visual force page.

Enabling new salesforce Lightning experience

Welcome to new world of Lightning! Hope you all are aware that from Winter'16, Salesforce introduced new UI(User interface) and UX(User experience) for platform which is lightning experience(Beta version). This future is completely with your control. If you want you can enable the lightning experience or you can use the Saleforce standard UI which 'Salesforce classic'.

Now you might have question,how to enable this future? To enable the lightning experience follow the below steps.
1. Go Setup.
2. Click on 'Lightning Experience' from setup menu.

Adding image button in Lightning

Hello Folks,

Recently, some one asked a way to add image for a Button in Lightning Component. I have been working on Lightning Components for past two months. So I thought of writing this post.

Let me split this in two steps.

1) Add Image in Static Resource

2) Add Image for a button


1) Add Image in Static Resource

Upload your image in Static Resource to use this image in Lightning Component.

Use Bootstrap in lightning component

<aura:component implements="force:appHostable">
    <link href='/resource/1439362248000/heatspace__Bootstrap/bootstrap-sf1-0.1.0-beta.15/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css' rel="stylesheet"/>
    <ui:inputDate aura:id="dateField" label="Date :" displayDatePicker="true" class="form-control"/>

Hi geeky developers laugh,

Lightning component - An overview

After spring 15 release salesforce made so many changes to its new javascript component framework lightning component . It has a rich, elegant event driven architecture that appeals to JavaScript developers and all of the power of the platform. Unlike other component frameworks where you typically have to design your own backend functionality, authentication and connectivity, with Lightning you simply expose server-side Apex functionality with a single annotation (@AuraEnabled) and then tell the component to utilize it. That’s all you have to do!!!