Lightning experience

Adding Lightning design system to visualforce page

Migrating visualforce page to lightning experience is more common nowadays. Not only new changes are created using the lightning design system in visualforce page but converting the legacy visualforce page to new lightning design system is mandatory when you work with lightning experience. 

An easy way to add lightning design system to your visualforce page is by adding the <apex:slds> tag in your visualforce page. Make sure you have made the standardStylesheets="false", so that both the style system wont conflict.

Power your sales using lightning experience

The love of winter 16 is not only for Developers and Administrators.

Salesforce has given a whole new elegant interface called Lightning experience. Which provides optimised user interface  for sales reps.

This interface helps sales reps to work more naturally and helps to close more deals faster.

Let have a look at some of the key features of lightning experience.

Home page

The home page is an intelligent way to start the day.

Adding lightning components to lightning experience

Cheers everyone , Lets have a look at one of newly introduced pilot feature in winter 16 release. 

You build your awesome lightning component with the taste of Lightning design system. Now you want to expose that lightning component in a lightning record detail page in newly introduced lightning experience (According to the time you read this post).

The following changes are required in order to display your lightning component in lightning experience.

Expose your lightning components in a visualforce page

As winter 16 got into every Salesforce environment. It has brought new exciting features in lightning development and experience.

Lightning components are getting better every new release. Lets look at one of the interesting feature that winter 16 has given in the hands of developers ie., expose your lightning components in a visual force page.