Managed package customization

Change Managed Package Object Name , Standard Field Name and Related List Label

In my previous post we came to know how to managed package object field name. Here in this post let see how to change managed package object name, Standard Field name and related list label.

Let me explain one by one..

1. How to change managed package object name and standard name field label.

2. How to change managed package related list label.

Change Managed Package Object Field Name

I recently got requirement that client like to change custom field label.It seems easy rite ? you may though to go field setting and edit it's label. Even I though the same. After gone there only I realized that I can't able to edit field label because of it is in managed package :( .

After some research I got some way to edit managed package fields label, related list name, custom object name, custom object standard field name, etc.

So here is the steps to achieve the requirement.