Visualforce page

Adding Lightning design system to visualforce page

Migrating visualforce page to lightning experience is more common nowadays. Not only new changes are created using the lightning design system in visualforce page but converting the legacy visualforce page to new lightning design system is mandatory when you work with lightning experience. 

An easy way to add lightning design system to your visualforce page is by adding the <apex:slds> tag in your visualforce page. Make sure you have made the standardStylesheets="false", so that both the style system wont conflict.

Display fieldset in visualforce page

You can use dynamic bindings to display field sets on your Visual force pages. A field set is a grouping of fields.

For example, you could have a field set that contains fields describing a Candidate Number, First name, Last name,Email. If the page is added to a managed package, administrators can add, remove, or reorder fields in a field set to modify the fields presented on the Visualforce page without modifying any code.

To display field set in visualforce page :